WP2: Structural chemistry. Lead: ICOA


Objectives :

Extraction, purification & structural characterization of fungal secondary metabolites

Purification of culture supernatants for further metabolomics studies.

The objective will be the extraction of bioactive molecules from WP1 culture supernatant fractions – clean-up for HNS elimination. The isolation of biosurfactants, namely glycolipids such as sophorolipids or rhamnolipids lipopeptides and proteins as hydrophobins from the supernatants obtained in WP1 will be performed by solvent extraction and optimized in terms of clean- up efficiency.


Differential metabolomic study

This task consists of a differential metabolomic study which will allow us to compare the biomolecules that were liberated by the fungi in the presence of the HNS to those present in the supernatant not in contact with HNS. Moreover, residual compounds obtained by the degradation of the pollutant will be also highlighted using a similar differential approach.

Choice of the targeted extraction tools and analytical techniques guided by the results of the differential metabolomics study and fine structural analysis

Targeted extraction of glycolipids, lipopeptides and hydrophobins will be conducted to purify and to pre-concentrate bioactive compounds from supernatant extracts of the active fungi samples. Structural elucidation of mycosurfactant fractions will be performed using up-to-date analytical tools.


D2.1: Extracts enriched in bioactive molecules, free of culture media and HNS

D2.2.1: Identification of the most relevant chemical families in the supernatant extracts of the active fungi samples

D2.2.2: Highlighting of the biosurfactants that are most probably responsible for the bioactivity

D2.3.1: Beyond their classification, the complete characterization of these new mycosurfactants will give information on their probable structure-functions relationship, a strong asset for a future valorization

D2.3.2: Purified biosurfactants to evaluate their bioactivity by LUBEM (based on assays used in WP1)

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