WP0: Project Management and Valorization. Lead: CEDRE


Coordination of the consortium, Management of the project, Link with ANR.

Cedre will manage the project with the support of a Steering Committee (SC, composed of one representative of each partner, decisions will be made by consensus) and the technical guidance of an Advisory Board.

The Project Manager with the support of the WP leaders will monitor the progress on project tasks using the work plan agreed at the kick-off meeting. This document will establish the calendar of tasks, actions, milestones and deliverables as well as the beneficiaries in charge. In collaboration with the WP managers, the progress of the project will be evaluated every two months (or more frequently if necessary) and at each SC meeting, and adjustments to the work schedule will be made if necessary. In addition, a Data Management Plan will be define by the coordinator and the partners of the project.


Communication and Dissemination

A communication and capitalization plan will be defined to ensure an efficient and consistent communication and capitalization of the project outcomes to all stakeholders. The project logo, templates for documents, presentations and posters will be produced at the beginning of the project to be used as dissemination and communication tools for conferences and workshops. School interventions will be programmed to make children aware about pollution but also that science can provide solutions. The idea is that the young generation will have to face major environmental outbreaks, by turning it from a worn and fatalist point of view to an inspiring challenge. Indeed, we are convinced that we can plant the seed of scientific vocations.


Organization of a kick-off meeting, annual SC and AB meetings, and final stakeholders meeting

Regular meetings of the SC (annually for face-to-face meetings, supplemented by remote meetings when required) will be a key element in making strategic decisions and optimizing work within the consortium. The final stakeholder meeting will be organized to present the results of the project and discuss the way forward with stakeholders, potential end-users and scientists working in the field of depollution. This one-day meeting will take place in the last month of the project to ensure that discussions are based on sound scientific data.

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